Legal Consulting Services

  • Case Review and Research
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Expert Identification, Selection, and Testimony Preparation
  • Toxin or Aspect Specific Training and Education
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews and Recommendations
  • Case Strategy Research and Development

An exposure to an agent may be harmless or toxic to man depending upon the level of dose. Thus, in all cases estimating the level of exposure via retrospective exposure reconstruction is stressed. The Empirical Company specializes in industrial hygiene, industrial toxicology, exposure reconstruction, and risk assessment.

A summary of potential testimony follows:

  • Industrial hygiene and toxicology state-of-the-art
  • Mechanisms of action for the production of disease from various toxic agents
  • Alternate etiologies for various disease outcomes
  • Determination whether particular agent exposure histories are likely to have produced various disease outcomes based upon cumulative exposure histories
  • Toxicology of various agents
  • Apportionment of cancer risks from industrial exposures and other exposures such as tobacco usage